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Emergency parachute system

Emergency parachute system INDELA SP-35



- parachute system «INDELA SP-35» is designed for emergency UAV landing with th landing mass of 35 kg;

Emergency parachute system INDELA SP-35


Structure of INDELA SP-35 system at UAV landing mass of 35kg ensures the following performance characteristics
Maximum speed of parachute activation m/s 60
Minimum speed of parachute activation m/s 15
Minimum height of parachute activation above landing field level m 100
Maximum (barometric) height of parachute system activation m 3500
Barometric height of landing field location above the sea level m up to 2000
UAV load, while activation of parachute system kgf not more than 400
Amplitude of system’s snap-back angle at the moment of landing degree not more than 30
Functionality at the temperature °С -40 - +60
Parachute system for a low-sized remotely piloted airborne vehicle (UAV) «INDELA SP-35» has been designed with consideration to existing world practices for this class of parachutes.

Operation of the parachute system.

After separation of a parachute container cap from UAV, auxiliary parachute enters the flow, which, after being filled, sequentially stretches the cover with the main parachute from the container, shrouds – from the cell chamber, then – cupola from the cover.

Structure and operation of parachute system elements. Main parachute structurally represents “duplex cross” with a vent. Eight paddle parachute cupola is made of F-111 fosta nylon fabric produced in RSA with low level of air permeability ad is strengthened by the frame from LTKP-10-70 belt (with the strength of 70 kgf). Shrouds (16 items) are produced from hi-modulus polyethylene (Dyneema) with the strength not less than 120 kgf. Cover designed for main parachute packing represents a conic container with the length of about 2m. In the upper part, the cover has a loop for connection with VP and in the lower part – two eyelets for coupling of the cover. Honeycomb for placement of main parachute’s shrouds are abut at the side face of the cover. Honeycombs are covered by the skirt.
Connecting link designed for joining the main parachute to the loop of UAV link represents a soft link from Dyneema cord with loops at the end. Metal ring is inserted in one of the loops.

Emergency parachute system INDELA SP-35

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