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Unmanned airborne vehicle of vertical takeoff and landing

helicopter INDELA SKY LAB


«INDELA SKY LAB» flying laboratory makes it possible to carry out flight tests of all types of aircraft nods and blocks in the following directions:

- flight tests to evaluate aerodynamic, strength, vibroacoustic and operation characteristics at all flight stages, including critical modes;

- flight tests with regard to development of algorithms of software and equipment of on-board control complexes;

- flight tests of systems on prevention of critical flight modes;

helicopter INDELA SKY LAB

Such unique flight characteristics of «INDELA SKY LAB» unmanned helicopter as: possibility to hover, perform vertical takeoff and landing and to perform mechanical translations in any direction have from the very beginning resulted in the idea of utilizing the helicopter as an aircraft test bed.

«INDELA SKY LAB» refers to the class of light helicopters, which can be used for:

• examination of dynamics of gyroscopic stabilization system;
• processing of information in navigation systems;
• study of sensitivity of elements of navigation control systems;
• study of the theory and system of control of autonomous robots;
• tests of electronic and electric and mechanical devices of navigation and control systems;
• tests and study of hardware and software of on-board systems;
• tests and study of integrated navigation and orientation systems;
• tests and study of optoelectronic systems;
• tests and study of air samples intake above ecologically unfavorable objects and territories.


Engine four-cycle, two-cylinder, water-cooled
Takeoff power kW 20.2
Fuel consumption l/h 6
Key geometric characteristics
Length with main rotor mm 3754
Length Nose to Tail mm 3052
Main rotor diameter mm 3168
Height mm 1346
Wheelbase mm 1180
Weight data
Maximum takeoff weight kg 125
Useful load kg 25
Fuel-carrying capacity l 10
Basic flight characteristics
Maximum speed horizontal level flight km/h 70
Static ceiling m 1000
Maximal vertical speed m/s 1.5
Flight duration (height 100-500 m) h 5
Wind (takeoff and landing) m/s up to 7
Available power
Payload Electrical power W 150@12V DC

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