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Unmanned aircraft system INDELA-SKY

Unmanned aircraft system INDELA-SKY is designed for standard monitoring tasks:

1. territory intelligence in real time, at any time of the day, in any climate, including severe weather conditions;

2. processing and transmission of the information in visual and infrared ranges;

3. record and transmission of television signal to the ground control station (GCS) at the distance up to 100 km within 5 hours of continuous flight;

4. search and detection of objects, target video capture and coordinates determination;

5. real time transmission of the information received from the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to the remote data acquisition units (information centers, command centers, emergency operations centers, etc.).

System operation is provided by the crew of four persons. Takeoff and landing don’t require special conditions and a runway: open and level ground with the dimensions 30x30 m is enough.

The system INDELA-SKY is fully autonomous and self-sufficient: within 15 minutes the UAV is transformed from the transport position to the flight readiness. It can be operated in terms of water areas, plain, cross-country and mountain terrains in case of radio line of sight between UAV and GCS.

The system INDELA-SKY includes:

1. two unmanned helicopters INDELA-I.N.SKY;

2. two gyro-stabilized optical systems INDELA OGD-20HIR;

3. ground control station INDELA-GCS;

4. storage and transportation container for two unmanned helicopters INDELA-I.N.SKY and ground support equipment;

5. UAV preflight preparation system INDELA-TPS heli;

6. kit of spare parts, tools and accessories (SPTA);

7. kit of operation documentation.

The main functional parts of the complex:



UAV INDELA-I.N.SKY is an aerial vehicle with Wankel rotary piston engine, working on high-octane petrol. The UAV is equipped with avionics system, providing in automatic mode: UAV takeoff, flight, landing, as well as hovering possibility near the object during mission performance, control of the payload and board section of the data link system. All UAV systems and components are made in accordance with aviation standards and requirements to the reliability and fail safety, including system back-up, self-diagnostics functions and automatic response on emergency situations.

General specifications

Engine rotory-piston engine
Takeoff power kW 26
Fuel consumption kg/h 5-8
Key geometric characteristics
Length Nose to Tail mm 3052
Main rotor diameter mm 3168
Height mm 1346
Wheelbase mm 1180
Weight data
Maximum takeoff weight kg 140
Weight kg 90
Fuel-carrying capacity kg 25
Payload weight, kg kg 25
Basic flight characteristics
Cruising speed at ground level km/h 70
Static ceiling m 1500
Maximal vertical speed m/s 5
Flight duration (100-500 m high) h up to 5
Wind (takeoff and landing) m/s 10
Operating temperature С -35 … +55


Gyro-stabilized optical system INDELA OGD-20HIR.

The system INDELA OGD-20HIR is a basic payload for the UAV INDELA-I.N.SKY during the performance of standard intelligence, surveillance and monitoring tasks. The system INDELA OGD-20HIR is specially designed for the application with the UAV. Its features are as follows: four built-in modules (thermal imaging device, color camera, laser range finder, and inertial module), compact, light and robust body, active two-axis stabilization.

Video processor provides target tracking function and it can process video signals, received simultaneously from the thermal imaging device and color camera.

The function “picture-in-picture” allows displaying images on the monitor simultaneously from two video channels. The user can select and switch signal sources for “full screen” and “window” displaying.

In tracking mode the target is identified by the frame on the monitor display. The user can select one of several targets, specified by the tracking device.


General specifications

Resolution 1920х1080
Quantity of active pixels 2 000 000
Image sensor 1/3–type CMOS
Signal system HD:1080p/29.97, 1080i/59.94, SD:NTSC/PAL
Lens f = 5.1 mm (wide), 51.0 mm (tele)F 1.8(wide), F 2.1 (tele)
Optical magnification, not less than 20x
Digital magnfication 10х (200 with optical)
Viewing angle 54.1 (wide), 2.9 (wide)
Synchronizing system internal
Signal/noise ratio more than 50dB
Camera sensitivity, not less than 1,7 Lux
Signal/noise ratio more 50 dB
Intensfication Auto/Manual/Max(from -3 dB to 28dB, 2 steps)
Background light compensation Yes
Focusing system Automatic/Manual
Improved noise clipping Yes
Automatic stabilization of camera’s optical axis at a set direction in the geocentric coordinate system, being at rest, with accuracy, not worse than 1,5°
Infrared camera with high resolution
Type of system uncooled
Type of sensor Infrared thermal imaging device, 640 x 512 VOx Microbolometer
Size of pixels 25 μm
spectral range 7.5 – 13.5 μm
Image inversion and return 2х and 4х digital zoom
Digital improvement of image 2х and 4х digital zoom
Detention of the imaging for th specified coordinates yes
Lazer range finder 1500 m, ±1 m


Ground control station INDELA-GCS:

Ground control station INDELA-GCS is designed for remote control of the UAV, its equipment, and also for receiving and representing information from the payload on the monitors. GCS supports different working modes in the network and can be switched in any operating network or integrated into the existing network system.

GCS provides::

• Telemetry information exchange with the UAV in real time;

• Payload control;

• Reception, representation, recording, storage and reproduction of the information from the payload on the monitor displays in real time;

• Control of flight modes and payload operation;

• Planning and preparation of flight mission, its checking and loading into the board system;

• Control of technical condition of the UAV board system;

• Pre-flight and post-flight preparation;

• Identification of ground and surface targets, determination of their coordinates;

• Determination of wind conditions and other weather parameters;

• Data link control.

Control section

Control section allocates the console with equipped automated workplaces for UAV operator and payload operator. Additional workplaces, network devices and external networks can be connected to the console. The console provides autonomous uninterruptable power supply of workplaces and GCS systems, functions as a centralized data storage and communication center.

Backup system section

GCS is equipped with an air conditioner, heating and ventilation system, uninterruptable power supply system with batteries and petrol generator. GCS is equipped with telescopic 12 m mast of antenna positioning system INDELA-ATA 5800, mechanisms of automatic lifting of weather station and 3 m operational communication masts.



Aircraft software has a developed multilevel architecture, the basic layer of which is fully automatic and autonomous systems that also cover aircraft hardware and software complex. The access to the basic software layer is supported by a set of user interfaces.

As a whole hardware and software complex INDELA SKY is a fully independent robotic system, for which a limited set of modes and control commands available for a human is anticipated.

Flight control software allows to:

• Lay the route of the automatic flight of various configuration with more than 2000 intermediate way points;

• Automatically diagnose the UAV and control more than 200 UAV parameters and ambient parameters during the flight;

• Perform fully automatic functions of the UAV piloting;

• Perform fully automatically: takeoff, landing, en-route flight, and return to the start point;

• Program the flight route directly before its start, save it and load from the route library, and adjust during the flight;

• Adjust during the flight its main conditions, including the change of the height, speed and hovering time in any route point;

• Remotely control the aircraft.


UAV control workplace

The control of complicated software of a high-tech aircraft is performed easy and instinctively with the use of operator interface. UAV position, image from its course camera, as well as the most important information about the aircraft status is displayed on the workplace monitors. Interface arrangement is based on the aviation practice of using Graphic User Interface (GUI).

Payload control means

Payload operator workplace allows for the operator to view, record video information and switch between its streams. Video streams and collected data are saved for later reproduction or processing. Payload control is independent from the UAV and allows for the operator to fulfill all scope of the necessary operations regardless of the current operating modes of the aircraft.

Besides own operating modes the access to the most important information about the UAV flight is anticipated for the payload operator workplace: flight mission route, position on the map, current coordinates, statuses, etc.

The interface and architecture of the payload operator workplace anticipate the possibility to expand functions and application of the payload, and to use as a payload the products of third party manufacturers.


Data transceiver system INDELA-ATA 5800

Transceiver system is a hardware and software complex of receiving and transmitting of telemetry and video information downlink and uplink via radio channels with the possibility to receive information at several receiving stations.

Auto positioning antenna system INDELA-ATA 5800 is designed to provide communication between ground control station and UAV at middle and long distances within line of sight at distances up to 100 km. Communication is performed via constant automatic antenna positioning on the UAV.


Transported ground support vehicle INDELA-SC

Transported ground support vehicle is designed for storage and transportation of two rotary wing UAVs. Similar to GCS it can be mounted on cross-road chassis.

INDELA-SC represents an aluminum transport container with two lifting side panels. The container has an inner section for mounting and securing of two UAVs. The container is equipped with two hoists for unloading and loading of UAVs, filling station for UAV. The section is equipped with lighting, grounding, fire extinguishing means, charger, and accumulator, and has equipped niches under the raised floor for storage of main rotor blades and spare parts kit.

Facilities of INDELA-SC:

• Two ladders (one on each side) for access to inner section;

• Two cases for blades storage in special niches (one on each side);

• Two additional cases for storage of various equipment and tools;

• Two mechanisms of UAV unloading, mounted inside the container, with electric hoist and remote control;

• Locking mechanism of the lifting side panels in the open position;

• Charger and accumulator for hoist power;

• Fuel tank with the capacity of 200 liters and a filling station for UAV refueling with fuel nozzle and fuel level gage;

• Fire extinguisher;

• Grounding.

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