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Computer test bench


Test bench resources:

- Automatic and manual operation of servodrive testing

- Automatic and manual adjustment of servodrive parameters

- Programming of test sequences

- Presentation of servodrive status in charts

- Recording and analysis of the operation of the servodrive being tested

- Saving results of the servodrive test

- Printing out the results of the servodrive test

- PC Connection through USB interface

- Adjustable interface

- Maximum measurement inaccuracy within ±2%

Computer test bench designed for troubleshooting and checking according to manufacturer specification of any models of servodrives, overall dimensions of which do not exceed 150Х150х150 mm. Allows to conduct hours-long tests with load-carrying moments from 0,3 to 10N*m.

Software allows following in real time the value of measuring parameters, both in charts, and as an indicator.

Limiting values of measured parameters

Supply voltage V 4,8 – 27
Current strength А 0 – 15
Air temperature C -25 - 100
Rotation angle degrees 0 - 360

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