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Trancsport vehicle for ground support INDELA-SC


Transport vehicle for ground support (TVGS) «INDELA-SC» is intended for transportation of two helicopter UAV to the place of their operation and storage.

«INDELA-SC» represents the purpose-designed transportation house-type body with two rising side split-design panels, front and rear walls, raised floor and ceiling panel. The house-type body contains the internal compartment where 2 UAV are installed and moored.

The house-type body is equipped with two winches for the UAV unloading and loading, filling station for the UAV refuelling. The compartment is equipped with lightening, earthing, fire-extinguishing means, charging device, accumulator battery, and in the raised floor there are recesses for main rotor blades and SPTA set.

Accessories INDELA-SC:

  • Two ladders (one at each side) for access into the inner compartment of the house-type body;
  • Two recesses for boxes for blades storage (one at each side) and boxes for blades storage;
  • Two additional boxes for various equipment storage;
  • Two remotely operated UAV unloading mechanisms installed inside the house-type body with electric winch;
  • fire extinguisher, including the case for the fire extinguisher;
  • fuel tank with the volume of 200 l and filling station with the filling gun and fuel level indicator for the UAV refuelling;
  • Earthing;
  • Fixing mechanism of the rising side panels in the opened position;
  • Charging device and accumulator battery for the winch power supply.


Amount of the arranged UAV pcs. 2
TVGS installation time min 10
Recesses for blades storage pcs. 2
Additional boxes pcs. 2
UAV unloading mechanisms pcs. 2
Fire extinguisher pcs. 2
Charging device and accumulator battery for the winch power supply pcs. 1
Tank for fuel l 200
Dimension of the transport container (house-type body) sm 228x225x430
Weight of the empty transport container kg 1800
Operating temperature °С -40 +65

INDELA-SC имеет каркасно-панельную конструкцию и состоит из каркаса, пола, передней и задней стенок, боковых панелей, крыши и фальшпола.








Transport vehicle for ground support is of cage and panel structure and consists of the frame, floor, front and rear walls, side panels, roof and raised floor.

The frame is made on the basis of welded frame of aluminum shape with cross members, mounting frame and fastening elements.

Front and rear walls, as well as the roof and floor are made of high-technology panels of sandwich construction. Inner and outer parts are made of sheet aluminum 1 mm wide, medium part is filler of polyurethane rigid foam-insulation. Components in the structure are monolithic, inner and outer sheets are firmly connected with the filler, thus preventing outer or inner heat exchange.

The ventilation grid with the air filter is installed on the rear wall. On the front wall there are steps for access of maintenance staff onto the roof.

Rising side panels represent a frame sheathed with aluminium sheets. Side panels for UAV unloading/loading are raised with the help of gas struts. The fixing mechanism is provided for the panel fixation in the opened position. The panel is equipped with two locking devices that provide tight closing.

The raised floor represents a welded aluminum frame sheathed with veneer sheet 18 mm wide and aluminum corrugated plate. The aluminum frame of the raised floor is firmly fixed onto the floor of the house-type body. Points for the UAV fastening, places for two boxes of SPTA, recesses for installation of two ladders and boxes for blades storage are provided in the structure of the raised floor.

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