«КБ ИНДЕЛА» | Конструкторское бюро

Storage box INDELA-SB


Transported box INDELA-SB is intended for transportation and storage of one UAV.

«INDELA-SB» represents the purpose-designed transport container with removable side panel.

The set includes the box for storage and transportation of helicopter blades, having tight fastening to the floor.


Amount of the arranged UAV pcs. 1
Additional boxes pcs. 1
Dimension of the transport container (house-type body) sm 150x156x342
Weight of the empty transport container kg 382
Operating temperature °С -40 +65

INDELA-SB has a frame and panel construction and consists of the frame, floor, front and rear walls, side panels and the roof.

The frame is made on the basis of a welded frame of a steel shape. The walls, roof and the floor are made of plywood with aluminium sheet.

The floor construction provides places for UAV fastening and box for blades storage.

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