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Gyro-stabilized electro-optical system INDELA OGD-20HIR

Гиростабилизированная оптико-электронная сиситема INDELA OGD-20HIR


System INDELA OGD-20HIR is a basic payload for the UAV INDELA-I.N.SKY. It was specially designed by KB INDELA Ltd. for monitoring, surveillance and intelligence.

INDELA OGD-20HIR is an electro-optical system with five modules, installed into a compact body: thermal imager, color camera, laser range finder, video processor, inertial module.

System INDELA OGD-20HIR allows for an aerial photography and reception of color, black and white video images and images in infrared spectrum on the GCS monitors. Photography can be made at day and night hours.

Active two-axis stabilization and target range estimation are additional advantages of the system.

Video processor provides constant automatic video tracking of the object selected by the operator, (auto tracking), and it can process video signals simultaneously received from the thermal imager and color camera.

Auto tracking function has two modes: target acquisition mode and tracking mode

  • In “target acquisition mode” the system automatically defines and suggests the object entering and its location in work window. Target search is fulfilled among contrast and homogeneous objects (depending on the selected algorithm), located in the center of work window. Position and window size can be specified by the user.
  • When the target is detected, the operator sends the tracking command and the system goes to “tracking mode”. The system automatically tracks the selected object.
  • Mode "picture in picture" allows for displaying on the monitors images simultaneously from two video channels: video from one channel is sent to the display output channel and the image from another channel is overlaid as video window on the display image area. The user can select which signal source is to be displayed on the whole screen and which in mode “picture in picture”.

    Stabilization level System INDELA OGD-20HIR is equipped with two-axis gyro-stabilized gimbal, providing new stabilization level due to specialized wide band torque sensors, modern program algorithms, the latest gyro sensor and the accelerometers of leading world producers.

    The function of electronic stabilization allows for compensating of horizontal and vertical oscillation of the camera as well as visual comfort for the user. System working principle is an oscillation tracking of the input image and further picture displaying without oscillations.

    Inertial system3D inertial system is mounted within the body directly on the optical unit; it allows to implement advanced functions and to improve digital control.


Television sensor
Resolution 1920х1080
Quantity of active pixels 2 000 000
Image sensor 1/3 – type CMOS
Objective lens f = 5.1 мм (wide) to 51 мм(tele) F 1.8 (wide) to F 2.1 (tele)
Optical magnification 20x
Digital magnification 10х
Viewing angle 54.1 (wide), 2.9 (wide)
Synchronization system internal
Camera sensitivity 1,7 Lux
Focusing system Automatic/Manual
Thermal imagery
Infrared camera with high resolution yes
System type uncooled
Sensor type Infared thermal imaging device, 640 x 512 VOx Microbolometer
Pixel size 25 μm
Spectral range 7.5 – 13.5 μm
Inversion and image return 2х & 4х digital zoom
Stabilized gimbal
Automatic stabilization 2 axes
Automatic stabilization of camera’s optical axis at a set direction 1,5°
Retention of shooting direction for position data yes
Laser range finder 2800 m , ±1 m
Target acquisition
Video tracking modes Correlation, Centroid, Scene
Min. target size 8х8 px
Tracking window dynamically changed
Aspect ratio Up to 1:6 all round
Max. target speed 32 px/с
Tracking accuracy 1/10 px
Min. characteristic contrast of frame detention 12.5 grey gradations: 4.9%
Min. quantity of frame detention characteristic points 5

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