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Unmanned erial vehicle INDELA-I.N.SKY

uav helicopter Indela I.N.SKY


The unmanned aerial vehicles INDELA-I.N.SKY of a medium operating radius is designed to fulfill a wide range of practical tasks:

- twenty-four-hour monitoring of specified territories, water surfaces, industrial projects, vehicles, boats, yachts, ships, groups of people, individuals etc.;

- real-time video and infra-red information transmission to the ground control station at a distance of up to 50 km within line of sight from a ground control station during 5 hours;

uav helicopter Indela I.N.SKY

The construction of INDELA-I.N.SKY UAV, at the customer's option, allows installing additional equipment into the payload compartment, which expands range of application of the complex for other tasks. The UAV construction allows building up flight and navigation equipment and installation of different variations of payload. Ground control station (GCS) includes all the necessary components for flight programmed control and real time equipment diagnostics. The helicopter is based on a classic single-rotor scheme with a tail rotor.

General specifications

Engine rotory-piston engine
Takeoff power kW 26
Fuel consumption kg/h 5-8
Key geometric characteristics
Length Nose to Tail mm 3052
Main rotor diameter mm 3168
Height mm 1346
Wheelbase mm 1180
Weight data
Maximum takeoff weight kg 140
Weight kg 90
Fuel-carrying capacity kg 25
Payload weight, kg kg 25
Basic flight characteristics
Cruising speed at ground level km/h 70
Static ceiling m 1500
Maximal vertical speed m/s 5
Flight duration (100-500 m high) h up to 5
Wind (takeoff and landing) m/s 10
Operating temperature С -35 … +55
«I.N.SKY» use gyro-stabilized optoelectronic system «INDELA OG-20».

Biaxial gyro-stabilized suspension «INDELA OG-20» ensures high level of stabilization due to the up-to-date gyroscopes of the leading manufacturers and modern software.Three-dimensional inertial system is based directly on an optic installation.Neural net, data and knowledge base, high-performance computer and high-class software all together form an object recognition system. This system recognizes and constantly carries out videotracking of the objects, selected by the operator. Adjustable OSD supplies a wide range of parameter settings and additional symbols. Adjustable parameters: composition, isposition, transparency, colour.

Indela OG-20’s characteristics

Resolution 1920х1080
Quantity of active pixels 2 000 000
Image sensor 1/3–type CMOS
Signal system HD:1080p/29.97, 1080i/59.94, SD:NTSC/PAL
Lens f = 5.1 mm (wide), 51.0 mm (tele)F 1.8(wide), F 2.1 (tele)
Optical magnification, not less than 20x
Digital magnfication 10х (200 with optical)
Viewing angle 54.1 (wide), 2.9 (wide)
Synchronizing system internal
Signal/noise ratio more than 50dB
Camera sensitivity, not less than 1,7 Lux
Signal/noise ratio more 50 dB
Intensfication Auto/Manual/Max(from -3 dB to 28dB, 2 steps)
Background light compensation Yes
Focusing system Automatic/Manual
Improved noise clipping Yes
Automatic stabilization of camera’s optical axis at a set direction in the geocentric coordinate system, being at rest, with accuracy, not worse than 1,5°
Infrared camera with high resolution
Type of system uncooled
Type of sensor Infrared thermal imaging device, 640 x 512 VOx Microbolometer
Size of pixels 25 μm
spectral range 7.5 – 13.5 μm
Image inversion and return 2х and 4х digital zoom
Digital improvement of image 2х and 4х digital zoom
Detention of the imaging for th specified coordinates yes
Lazer range finder 1500 m, ±1 m


Ground control station NDELA-GCS is used for UAV flight and useful load control, for the reception, processing, representation and recording of the data, received from an UAV and support of data exchange with external consumers.


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