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Robotic complex of airborne reconnaissance

Robotic complex of airborne reconnaissance INDELA – 6M


«INDELA-6M» designed for performance of a wide range of practical tasks:

- monitoring of territories and objects;

- monitoring of power lines;

- control of situation with regard to fire prevention;

- video information about use of main traffic arteries;

- carrying out of prospecting works;

- aerial mapping;

Robotic complex of airborne reconnaissance INDELA – 6M

«INDELA-6M» performs takeoff (landing) like an airplane. In emergency situations landing can be performed with the help of using a parachute.

Information from UAV board is transmitted through a radio channel to the ground control station and is additionally recorded to the black box.

Robotic complex of airborne reconnaissance INDELA – 6M


Engine Two-cycle, two-cylinder, opposite, of internal combustion
Statistical traction N 161
Volumetric capacity cm3 56
Engine power KW 4,0
Hourly fuel consumption at V econom. l/h 0,68
Parachute rescue system is designed for emergency landing
Min. height for activation of the parachute above the level of landing field m 100
Barometric height of location of the area above sea level m up to 2000
Key geometric characteristics
Length mm 2693
Span of wings mm 6012
Wing load g/dm² 235
Weight data
Takeoff mass kg 35
Standard fuel margin l 7
Basic flight characteristics
Range of horizontal flight speed km/h 65-140
Cruise speed km/h 80
Takeoff speed km/h 67
Landing speed at glide path with extended flaps km/h 55
Planner’s quality 13,63
Contact velocity km/h 60
Flight attitude range m 50-3000
Practical flight length km 440
Flight duration h 5
Flight control Automatic/dual
Communication range (within line of sight) up to 50 km (video channel)
Communication range (within line of sight) up to 100 km (telemetry)
Control system Autonomous navigation, automatic performance of the flight task, automatic performance of procedures in case of loss of contact/accident, automatic waiting for commands, continuous/on request telemetry
«INDELA-6M» uses optical gyro-stabilizing optoelectronic «INDELA OGD20-HIR» system.


Biaxial gyro-stabilized and completely integrated direct-drive suspension system.


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