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Unmanned airborne vehicle of vertical takeoff and landing


«H.U.SKY-II» unmanned airborne vehicle of vertical takeoff and landing belongs to the class of light helicopters, which can be used as a carrier included in UAV complex for fulfillment of a wide range of practical tasks:

- monitoring of territories and objects;

- carrying out of prospecting works;

- aerial mapping;

- target designation; protection of transport columns;

The helicopter has a small-diameter lifting propeller, which makes it possible to land on areas limited in size. Construction of the helicopter makes it possible to transport it on board of an armored personal carrier (APC) to the place, where the specified combat task should be performed. The helicopter can also be transported on a small trailer for a car.

«H.U.SKY-II» uses optical gyro-stabilized optoelectronic system INDELA OGD-20HIR with an infrared camera and an integrated laser range finder. Biaxial gyro-stabilized and completely integrated direct-drive suspension system.


Engine two four-cycle, two-cylinder, water-cooled
Takeoff power kW 52
Volume cub.sm 588
Fuel consumption kg/h 5-8
Key geometric characteristics
Length with main rotor mm 5850
Length Nose to Tail mm 4358
Main rotor diameter mm 4800
Height mm 1534
Wheelbase mm 1350
Weight data
Maximum takeoff weight kg 255
Useful load kg 55
Fuel-carrying capacity l 83
Reserve fuel-carrying capacity l 17
Basic flight characteristics
Cruise speed level flight km/h 100
Static ceiling m 2100
Maximal vertical speed m/s 5
Practical flight range km 240
Flight duration (Height 100-500 м) h 5
Wind (takeoff and landing) m/s up to 10

«H.U.SKY-II» carrier (Robotic carrier «H.U.SKY-II» with a gyro-stabilized optoelectronic system “Indela OGD-20HIR” with TV and infrared camera and radio sighting system, designed to search for and detect UAVs in case of emergency landing.) - 2 units.

«H.U.SKY-II» complex repair packing (Repair packing is used for prompt technical maintenance of the carrier. Repair packing contains spare part kit, tools, instruments and materials necessary for the maintenance of the carrier.) - 1 kit.

“INDELA-GCS” ground control station (located in a trailer "Kupava") (Trailer "Kupava" consists of 2 sections: Control section is equipped with conditioner, heater, ventilating unit. Hermetic section is equipped with special racks necessary for transportation and storage of carriers.) - 1 unit.

Auto positioning antenna system
with a telemetry channel and an additional video camera, designed for visual control during takeoff and landing. - 1 unit.

Field tool kit (Contains tools and equipment for UAV and ground control station servicing in field environment as well as fire-extinguishing means.) - 1 kit.

Pilot training simulator - 1 unit.

БПЛА UAV Беспилотный вертолет INDELA-H.U.SKY

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