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Simulator INDELA-HIL for the training of UAV operators

Наземная станция управление БПЛА INDELA-GCS

OOn the left - UAV operator workplace, on the right - payload operator workplace:

General view of two sets of GCS consoles in the class for UAV operators training:


Simulator INDELA-HIL, designed by KB INDELA Ltd., allows for solving the tasks on the training of UAV pilots and payload operators, during preparation for UAVs application in specific areas, and for the debugging of equipment and software complexes with UAVs.

Simulator INDELA-HIL is as close to real conditions as possible and provides all opportunities for the GCS operators training:

- control console duplicates the view of workplaces for UAV operator and payload operator in GCS of the complex INDELA-SKY;
- software simulates UAV flight and the image on monitors observed by the operator;
- in virtual space all possible tasks can be practiced: creation of flight assignment, flight control, reconnaissance and surveillance, artillery fire adjustment, determination of the strikes results, etc.; - simulator imitates day and night UAV flights, as well as flights in severe weather conditions (fog, rain, wind blasts, etc.);
- the possibility to simulate the actions in emergency situations and in case of failure of separate UAV systems;
- instructor can set the difficulty level of training, give introductory tasks and intervene in trainee actions during training.

Training of UAV operators on the simulator INDELA-HIL is one of the most important elements to ensure safe operation of unmanned complex. Training allows for minimizing the impact of human factor and the possibility of erroneous actions of the unmanned complex crew.

The relevance of simulator training has steadily increased due to the fact that the human factor remains the main cause of aviation accidents. The simulators efficiency is determined by their ability to provide high-intensity training. In addition, the simulator training of UAV operator is beneficial from an economic point of view.

Using of INDELA-HIL simulator for UAV operators training allows to:
- significantly reduce the time and cost of training;
- reduce the number of actual UAV flights;
- conduct training in the environment as close to the real action of operators in the GCS as possible;
- instructor’s control of the accuracy of detection and identification of targets in various conditions;
- model the use of various payload options;
- conduct trainings regardless of weather conditions;
- train the implementation of specific tasks before the flight;
- maintain the necessary skills of the operators in the absence of practical UAV flights.

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