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UAV ground control station INDELA-GCS


UAV ground control station INDELA-GCS (GCS) is designed for remote UAV control, as well as for reception and representation of information from the payload equipment on the monitors.

GCS supports the operation in the network and due to its architecture and compatibility with Ethernet GCS can be easily and effectively integrated into the operating network systems, distributing the required information between users, for example, transfer of intelligence information from GCS INDELA-GCS to the headquarters and receipt of task from the headquarters.

General view of control panel INDELA-GCS:

UAV operator's workplace:

Application display panel «ControlBPLAAdd.exe»:

Instrument panel of payload operator's workplace:

Payload control panel:

Control panel of antenna positioning system, uninterruptable power supplies, telemetry stream view:

General view of INDELA-GCS:


of workplaces in the GCS monitors in the GCS aaa
Quantity of sections pcs. 2
Quantity of workplaces in the GCSpcs. 3
Size of monitor screens inch 22
Quantity of monitors in the GCSpcs. 7
Weather station pcs. 1
Transceiver of data exchnge with the UAV, range km 100
Hight of the data link mast m 12
Quantity of way points in flight assignment points 2000
GCS development time min 10
Time of GCS autonomous work from the generator h 24
Time of GCS autonomous work from the accumulatorsh 5
Generator capacity kW 7
Heating system capacity kW 2
Air conditioner capacity kW 2
Fuel tank l 30
Potable water tank l 20
Performance of the filtration unit m3/h 100
Shelter dimensions sm 430x220x207
Weight kg 1480
Operation temperature °С -40..+65

GCS provides::
- real-time telemetric data exchange with an UAV;
- telemetric data processing and screening as text and image data;
- flight configuration and useful load operation control;
- flight task automatic preparation and its loading onto an on-board complex;
- on-board complex technical state control;
- reception, display, record, storage and real-time presentation on the monitor screens of the information received from the useful load;
- flight task automatic preparation and its loading onto an on-board complex.
The way points editing program is very convenient. If the user has an access to the Internet, there is no need in any other maps for the mission planning, way point list editing and autonomous flights. The software is translated to English, Russian and Spanish. At the customer's option the software can be translated to any language.

INDELA-GCS consists of two sections:
Control section.
It is equipped with crew commander’s workplace, UAV operator’s workplace, payload operator’s workplace, GCS server with console of operational communication, color printer, uninterruptable power supply system.
Backup system section.
It contains air conditioner, heating and ventilation system, uninterruptable power supply system with batteries and petrol generator, fuel tank.
GCS is equipped with electric sockets, lightning, outer technological windows for cables connection, steps for access to the roof, telescopic 12m mast with automatic lifting mechanism of the antenna positioning system INDELA-ATA 5800+, automatic lifting mechanism of the weather station, three operational communication antennas on 3m masts with automatic lifting mechanism.

INDELA-GCS is used for UAV flight and useful load control, or the reception, processing, representation and recording of the data, received from an UAV and support of data exchange with external consumers.
The UAV is designed to deliver useful load equipment to a selected place, to assure its functioning on command from a ground control station or from an on-board computer and real-time visual data transmission to a ground control station or from on-board storage devices. Ground control stations are designed to carry out all kinds of preparation, preventive maintenance of UAV, on-board equipment troubleshooting.

UAV operator's workplace allows to switch between four flight modes:

- Autonomous flight. UAV follows the specified route with more than 2000 way points. At any moment during flight mission coordinates can be changed, added or deleted. UAV can automatically take off and land in preliminary set area.
- To the point. UAV flights in automatic mode to the specified point. After the arrival to the point Remotely-piloted aerial vehicle mode is activated.
- Remotely-piloted aerial vehicle. This mode is used for territory monitoring with higher flexibility than those during the navigation along route points.
- Home. UAV automatic piloting mode to the take-off point regardless of the previous mode.

Flight control software allows to:
- lay an automatic flight route of various configuration with more than 2000 intermediate way points;
- fulfill automatic take-off, automatic landing and automatic return to the starting point;
- program flight route directly before the take-off, reprogram it during the flight and remotely control the aircraft;
- change the flight altitude and speed from point to point;
- fulfill landing with engine cut-off at the pre-determined points, automatic engine start and take-off;
- monitor object in the engine cut-off mode after landing at the selected area;
- set different hovering time at any way points;
- create and edit flight mission;
- delete flight mission and save it to the archive.

Payload control means Payload workplace allows for the operator to view, record video and switch between its streams. Video streams can be saved for later reproduction and splitting or storing map with the current UAV position and image in the zone of payload camera viewing is displayed for orientation upgrading. The most important UAV parameters are displayed in real time mode, the rest can be opened when required.

Automatic antenna navigation system INDELA-ATA 5800+
Connection of control station with UAV is provided via automatic antenna positioning system INDELA ATA 5800+ on medium and long distances in the line of sight at the distance up to 100 km. Communication is provided by permanent automatic antenna positioning on the UAV. The communication channel is encrypted.

GCS container (shelter) represents all-welded aluminium construction. The construction of the special removable rims in the upper part of the side bars and the base allows for easy and safe removing and transporting of the container. The container is equipped with the locks for fixing to the fitting locks. Container foundation is a solid welded frame. Load-bearing aluminum structure provides sufficient stiffness with stiffness reserve coefficient. Wall sandwich panels are based on double wall construction.

In emergency situations GCS can work as a pressurized object. INDELA-GCS is equipped with automatic filtration unit ФВУА-100 providing air extraction and inflow. The absorbent filter purifies air from coarse dust, poison and radioactive substances.

GCS life-support system includes: air conditioner, heating unit, uninterruptable power supply with accumulators and petrol generator, fuel tank.

Ground control station INDELA-GCS is adapted for mounting on all-wheel drive vehicles with axle configuration 4x4 and designed for transportation by practically any vehicles.

GCS container can be mounted on various foundation types (reinforced concrete sills, piles, unified support stands, specially prepared metal construction). Under special order the mounting on the sledge is possible. Such option provides mobility and does not require special preparation of the mounting place.

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