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Vertical takeoff and landing unmanned aerial vehicle


«INDELA FILMCAM» is an outstanding aerial survey conception, based on a radio-controlled helicopter with a 35-mm or HDTV camera. This system provides impressive and original moves of camera: in addition to usual technical devices (Steadycam®, crane, real helicopter...), «INDELA FILMCAM» allows transmitting very peculiar world image.

«INDELA FILMCAM» conception is second to none in aerial photographing and video filming at short distances: miniature helicopter can hover over one place and speed up to 60 km/h; short focal distance together with low height allows catching exceptional angle for shooting.

Radio-controlled helicopter can operate in the 200 m visual range of the pilot. Long distance operation is possible, when the pilot watches the helicopter from his vehicle (a car, a motorbike, quad bikes etc.). Helicopter is supplied with camera rotating system, which allows controlling inclination and rotation relative to the operator and monitor.

The helicopter INDELA FilmCam has two controlling systems. Two operators work simultaneously. One operator controls video camera rotating system and watches the image transmitted on the LC-display. The other one is the pilot, who controls the very helicopter. Complex stabilization system allows camera to shot video regardless of the helicopter movements. 2.4 GHz remote control with video image reception. Image is transmitted to an 8-inch colour LCD.


Engine turbine engine
Takeoff power kW 8
Fuel consumption ml/min 95-260
Engine speed rp/min 50000-170000
Nozzle section exhaust temperature °C 400-730
Weight of engine gramm 2200
Controller supply (ECU) V 7,2-9,6
Spark plug supply V 5,9
Spark plug power W 37
Key geometric characteristics
Main rotor diameter mm 2450
Height mm 1000
Wheelbase mm 700
Weight data
Maximum takeoff weight kg 32
Weight kg 17
Useful load kg 15
Standart fuel margin l 9,5
Basic flight characteristics
Maximum speed horizontal level flight km/h 60
Maximal vertical speed m/s 2
Flight duration (Height 100-500 м) min 35 - 50
Wind (takeoff and landing) m/s up to 5
Operating temperature С -10…+55

The complex includes:
- airborn vehicle «INDELA FILMCAM»
- ground control facilities

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