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Unmanned airborne vehicle of vertical takeoff and landing

uav helicopter INDELA EYE SKY


«INDELA EYE SKY» belongs to the class of light helicopters, which can be used as a carrier included in UAV complex for fulfillment of a wide range of practical tasks:

- reconnaissance;
- monitoring;
- target designation;
- protection of transport columns;

uav helicopter INDELA EYE SKY

In terms of useful load, the helicopter can be equipped with a radar with a synthesized aperture. «INDELA EYE SKY» is equipped with the system of laser target illumination, which makes it possible for piloted airborne vehicles and artilleries to strike high-accuracy blows at opponent’s targets. In future, it is also planned to use «INDELA EYE SKY» for detection of chemical, nuclear and biological weapons. Installation of various types of weapons is being considered.
The secret of the uniqueness of «INDELA EYE SKY» can be explained by a high degree of automation of its functions. The flight of «INDELA EYE SKY» is in automatic mode in accordance with the program previously determined. On completion of the flight and receipt of permission to land, computerized system ensures accurate landing of «INDELA EYE SKY». The concept of a free design is used in «INDELA EYE SKY», which significantly simplifies addition of new equipment.
«INDELA EYE SKY» has an obvious advantage, if compared to piloted systems, when efficiency is required, but it is not its only strong point. Utilization of «INDELA EYE SKY» doesn’t presuppose the risk of losing the crew, which broadens circumstances of its reasonable use, including situations, when opponent’s air defense systems presuppose a very high risk of loss with regard to piloted systems. Utilization of «INDELA EYE SKY» potentially makes it possible to decrease time required for response in the circumstances of an intensively developing crisis, when respective political decision is made. Decrease of total response time is also connected with the fact that deployment of supporting means necessary for utilization of piloted aviation is not required in risky circumstances, including, for example, preliminary deployment of combat and search-and-rescue forces in the region. Such deployment is vulnerable and as a rule requires several days, within which shock «INDELA EYE SKY» can already be used.


Engine four-cycle, two-cylinder, water-cooled with dry crankcase
Takeoff power kW 26
Fuel consumption l/h 8
Key geometric characteristics
Length with main rotor mm 3886
Length Nose to Tail mm 2975
Main rotor diameter mm 3280
Height mm 1150
Wheelbase mm 1100
Weight data
Maximum takeoff weight kg 150
Weight kg 95
Fuel-carrying capacity l 50
Basic flight characteristics
Maximum speed horizontal level flight km/h 90
Level flight cruise speed km/h 70
Static ceiling m 1500
Practical ceiling m 3000
Maximal vertical speed m/s 2
Practical flight length km 420
Flight duration (Height 100-500 м) h up to 6
Wind (takeoff and landing) m/s up to 8
Available power
Payload electrical power W 400
«INDELA EYE SKY» uses a gyro-stabilized optoelectronic system with an infrared camera and integrated laser range finder.

Biaxial gyro-stabilized and completely integrated direct-drive illumination system.

uav helicopter INDELA EYE SKY

uav helicopter INDELA EYE SKY

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