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Unmanned airborne vehicle of vertical takeoff and landing

uav helicopter INDELA COUNTRY


«INDELA COUNTRY» belongs to the class of light helicopters, which can be used for the performance of airborne chemical works. Utilization of an unmanned helicopter has a significant advantage when compared to standard ways of cultivation of fields:
- the way of handling the helicopter is extremely easy;
- the helicopter makes it possible to use pesticides and herbicides more efficiently in the specified area;
- remote utilization is safe for people;

uav helicopter INDELA COUNTRY

Unmanned aerial vehicle «INDELA COUNTRY» is recommended for utilization in experimental factory-farm enterprises and agricultural scientific and research institutes as a carrier for performance of airborne chemical works.

With consideration to the fact that it is an airborne vehicle, reliability is a very important requirement. All electronic components have been designed in drip-proof shells in order to be protected from splashes of chemicals. Controlling electronics consists of many processors, which constantly monitor the components in order to ensure normal operation. In case of a failure, the helicopter will stop and hover over the place. The unit doesn’t require an extremely highly skilled staff.

Unmanned airborne vehicle «INDELA COUNTRY» can be used by special units combating drugs in order to liquidate plantations of marijuana and other plants containing narcotic substances.


Engine four-cycle, two-cylinder, water-cooled
Takeoff power kW 26
Fuel consumption l/h 7
Key geometric characteristics
Length with main rotor mm 3754
Length Nose to Tail mm 3000
Main rotor diameter mm 3168
Height mm 1234
Wheelbase mm 1100
Weight data
Maximum takeoff weight kg 124
Weight kg 90
Useful load kg 24
Fuel-carrying capacity l 10
Basic flight characteristics
Maximum speed horizontal level flight km/h 60
Flight duration (height 5 м) h 1
Wind (takeoff and landing) m/s 10
Available power
Payload electrical power W 400
Carrying out of chemical treatment
Flight speed during chemical treatment km/h 10-20
Time for treatment of 1 hectare min 6
Consumption of process solution l/min 0,9-2,75(controlled)
Width of treated area at the height of 3-4 m m 3,7-7,5(controlled)
Volume of dispersion per 1 hectare l 4,5-10(controlled)

The complex includes:
airborne vehicle «INDELA COUNTRY»
control transmitter

uav helicopter INDELA COUNTRY

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