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Air data system


«INDELA ADB» - is a new air data system developed by Design Department INDELA. “INDELA- ADB” sets flight parameters based on the data received from the outside sensors. It measures,calculates and controls the following parameters:

- barometric flight altitude;

- air-flow speed;

- impact pressure;

- air-flow temperature;

- attack and drift angle;

- device internal humidity, pressure and temperature.

The device allows automatic or manual sensor calibration, vertical zero and air-flow speed zero adjustment, internal hermeticity control and is also supplied with an internal thermostat. The device also controls sensor functionality and signalizes if any of them is faulty. Connectors: X1, X2 - external sensor connectors, X3 – power control connector (option), X4 – data exchange and power supply connector. Inputs: A и B – inputs for pitot tube, which measures airspeed, С – static pressure sensor input for atmospheric pressure measuring and velocity calculation.

Technical characteristics

Weight kg 0,4
Voltage range V 8..32
Interface RS485 / RS232
Case protection class IP65
Static pressure measurement range KPa 15..115
Impact pressure measurement range KPa 0..4
Altitude measurement range m -1000..11000
Air-flow speed measurement range km/h 0..280
Air-flow speed measurement accuracy km/h ±10
Altitude measurement resolving ability m 0.3
Attack and drift angle measurement range degrees 0..359
Pressure and angle measurement frequency Hz 10
Temperature measurement range *C -40..+125
Operating temperature range *C -40..+85
Thermostat activation hysteresis *C +10..+12 (switched on at less than +10°С, switched off at more than +12°С)
Data exchange parameters: 115200 baud, 8 bit, 1 stop-bit, no parity.

Data exchange interface: RS485 or RS232, automatically selected by data request.

You can see the device on the picture below:

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