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Dubai Airshow-2015

The International Dubai Airshow was held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, on 8th-12th of November, 2015

The Dubai Airshow has been held since 1989 with the assistance of the Government and the Civil Aviation of Dubai and the UAE Ministry of Defense. The theme of the show was weapons and military equipment of the Air Force, air defense systems, space engineering, civil aviation and technologies. During the exhibition, KB INDELA LLC presented the "INDELA SKY LAB" UAV equipped with a dosimetry reconnaissance station.

MAKS 2015

The 12th International Aviation and Space Show MAKS 2015 was held on 25th-30th of August, 2015

The high-ranking status of MAKS as one of the world's largest aviation and space shows is confirmed by the active participation of leading domestic and foreign companies in its operation. In total, 878 companies and organizations participated in the exhibition, including 151 foreign companies from 30 different countries. KB INDELA LLC also participated in the exhibition, presenting its products at two exhibition areas. At the stand of Concern "Almaz – Antey" (Russian Federation), a UAV equipped with a fire adjustment station (side-looking locator with synthetic aperture) was presented. At the stand of the Ministry of Emergency Situations (Russian Federation), the "INDELA-I.N.SKY" UAV equipped with a dosimetry reconnaissance station was presented.


The International Military and Technical Forum "Army-2015" was held on 16th-19th of June, 2015.

The International Military and Technical Forum broke the record of both the scale and the intensity of scientific, business, and demonstration programs, where more than 90 round tables were arranged, and over 7000 specimens of arms and military machinery were presented. KB INDELA exhibited a UAV equipped with a fire adjustment station (side-looking locator with synthetic aperture.)

"Human and Security" 26th-28th of November, 2014

The 6th International Exhibition "HUMAN AND SECURITY" will be held in Minsk on 26th-28th of November, 2014.

KB INDELA LLC will participate in the exhibition, and will present the "INDELA-I.N.SKY" unmanned aerial vehicle at its stand.

The "INDELA-I.N.SKY" UAV is designed for remote monitoring, and can be used for the protection of state borders, protection and monitoring of industrial and man-made objects with a possibility of chemical and radiation analysis of the environment.

The unmanned aerial vehicle is indispensable in emergency situations (floods, fires, man-induced disasters.) "INDELA-I.N.SKY" is capable of working in difficult conditions without risking the life and health of rescue workers, and of ensuring prompt provision of information from angles that are unavailable for other kinds of equipment.

The KB INDELA stand will showcase the electrooptical system of the unmanned helicopter. Visitors will be able to see how information is transmitted from the helicopter to the display, which flight and performance indicators of the system are displayed, and how target identification and target "auto-tracking" is performed.

KB INDELA would like to invite you to visit our stand during the exhibition on 26th-28th of November, 2014, at the address: Minsk, Ya. Kupaly str., 27, BelExpo exhibition pavilion. KB INDELA stand number - 31, it is located opposite the main entrance.


On July 12, the 7th International Exhibition of Arms and Military Machinery "MILEX-2014" was concluded, which is the largest military forum in Belarus, and one of the largest military forums in the CIS.

KB INDELA presented its latest innovative solution at the exhibition – the "INDELA-SKY" unmanned aircraft system.

The stand showcased the following:

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